Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Peak At Powder Room!

I am so excited that my dear friend's house is finally coming together! We installed both powder room and living drapery yesterday, and all the furniture pieces are in place too. It's just time to accessorize now!
I just love how the powder room turned out and I thought I would share it with you . Yes, I am giving out a few secrets because I like you !
I cannot wait to share the living room with you when it is accessorized, so stay tuned.

It started with a thrift shop lamp that cost $7.00!  This hanging fixture did need rewiring but that was a minimal cost. Then it definitely needed some updating and spunk. That's when good old model car paint and a gold marker came into play.  Model car paint is fabulous! It goes on glossy and stays glossy.  It also  comes in a variety of fun colors. The gold marker is just plain easy to work with. 

Then we wondered -"What color do we choose"?
That's when this trim below chose it for us!

Look at this little rescue in it's new home!

That lovely little Samuel & Son's tape trim found it's way onto our great valances.

Here are a few little secrets...

Testors brand model paint you can find at Michaels or Walmart.

Only a few left of this petite mirror, which was the perfect fit for our tight little space.  It added a tribal feel along with the Schumacher Leopard Wallcovering and Fabric!
Many asked on Instagram about the mirror so here it i.
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Water Hyacinth Mirror

Monday, August 31, 2015

Feeling Fall With Farrow And Ball!

Good Bye Summer! Hello Fall!  Here in the North East the temperature is still in the 90's, but that doesn't stop me from seeking designer warmth. You know the kind you get from Fall paint colors and fabrics.  I stopped  over at Farrow and Ball, because I know they always have such wonderful saturated hues. Of course they did not disappoint!  Check out some of my favorite Fall colors and how F & B uses them in a room. What Fall colors are you craving? Go HERE


Friday, August 28, 2015

Holding Onto Summer With Hermes!

I loved all the input on my Swoon Worthy post.   All had very good points . TGInteriors had a very valid point, that it takes money and imagination. I am a fan of today's trendy rooms with minimal yet eclectic pieces. I guess I am looking for imagination in rooms that really has it's own sense of self and that even includes rooms done from thrift stores, Etsy Ebay etc., but I do know that money really does help when doing a swoon worthy space!
Is anyone still trying to hold onto Summer? I know I am! I received an email from Jerry Pair with the new Hermes fabrics. These fabrics can make amy room feel like Summer all year long.  They have that jungle inspired design and the colors are bright and fun. I know one definitely needs money when it comes to Hermes, but again one can dream.  Maybe take the idea of bright colors and jungle inspired motif and do your own version of Hermes Jungle Life,  that would be great!