Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ombre Stay Or Nay?

I know it still  seems to be the rage to have this lovely Ombre hair.  My daughter even jumped on the ombre bandwagon and if I grow my roots out I too can have Ombre for free! I also notice how this trend has moved into art and interiors  as well as attire.  What are your thoughts do you say stay or do you say nay? I am on the fence because I see some Ombre decor and hair that I think is stunning but like any trend we see it over done. Here are a few Ombre images that do make me see that it can be an art form sometimes.  Enjoy!

Okay I would never want this for myself or even my girls but you have to admit it's amazing! Credit

If I were to Ombre a space I would take inspiration from this lovely painting and it's subtle tones that seem to flow down the canvas! Credit
I just love the following images as they are not jarring but instead make for an interesting wall and accent!







Monday, July 28, 2014

Wish list- Anthropologie!

Well, I have to apologize for my minimal posting last week! It was quite a hectic week, but a fun one for sure. First two days were "work work work"! Then on Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting some fabulous bloggers from the Tri-state/East Coast at a lovely restaurant in Greenwich CT. called L'Escale.
It is so funny how we feel we know bloggers through their posts and the little bits of their personal lives that they share with us.  However, it's even better when they are even more fabulous in reality!
Drum roll please.... Bloggers: The Zhush, You May Be Wandering, The Enchanted Home,PVE Design,  Preppy EmptyNester, Pretty Pink Tulips and last but not least The Buzz/Diane James Home.  I also met Preppy empty Nester's SISTA and she was great!

These women are so wonderful and interesting please add them to your blog list if by some rare chance you haven't already. I look forward to meeting them again and I also hope to meet other fantastic bloggers in the future whom I learn from and who entertain me each day!

Okay onto my wish list! I ended my week by taking my youngest to a play in New York and doing a little shopping on Friday! We hit Anthropologie and could have stayed there all day.  If you havent been to the store by Rockefeller Center you must go! You just wander through wishing you had a U-Haul to take everything home.  Here are just a few things that I would have put in that truck. Happy Monday everyone!

I think that should do it!  Check out Anthropologie!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Party Perfection With Art de Fete!

The Summer is such a perfect time to host parties! Especially bridal and baby showers. There are so many wonderful ideas and themes out there  that one can get overwhelmed! So why not let Svitlana of Art de Fete help you through it!

Svitlana Flom as chic as the parties she creates!

Svitlana Flom hails from the Ukraine and began exploring the art of entertaining when she realized her passion for creating themed celebrations and her love for the art form of cooking.  Svitlana is an expert on sophisticated food, smart preparation, and elegant home entertaining.  Art de Fete (www.artdefete.com) is intended to help others design full dinners, offer recipes, and illustrated step-by-step directions – everything needed for a celebration at home. 
Check out this amazing baby shower party that she designed and then go to the site for more amazing party tips and recipes!