Thursday, July 2, 2015

Constellation Cravings

I purchased a Star Ceiling light by Alexa Hampton from Circa Lighting for my butlers pantry. It occurred to me that we have been obsessed with the stars and constellations since the dawn of time.  Now we can bring "star bright, star light" into our homes too! Here are some fun ways to feed your constellation cravings.

The fun ceiling light in gunmetal for the butlers pantry!

This creates and instant starry night in any room!

Love this one too!

What fun little lights - Blanca Sanchez - Credit

Etsy- LittleBrightStudio

I think this is a great DIY project by - Almost Makes Perfect!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Penchant For Patriotic Colors

Do you have a penchant for Patriotic colors? You know, the colors of red, white and blue! There are many ways to have this theme without actually having a theme.  These colors can be mixed with other grounding neutrals or pops of color to create balance.   It's funny, I am only drawn to these colors in the Summer and I am sure it's because we have so many Patriotic holidays. I think something about red, white and blue seem very clean and crisp to me.  How do you bring the Patriotic colors to your home?



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Iron Deficiency!

A month ago I had to had two rounds of Iron infusions before surgery because of my severe anemia. I must say since that I feel much better, but... I am craving Iron in different ways now!
I want interior IRON! I know there is no way I can remove the old historic windows in my home and replace them with iron frames, however one can dream.  Then I thought maybe I can at least fake them out in the kitchen by painting them charcoal.  I may play with it and see what happens. What are your thoughts? Are there any great ways to to do an Iron Window hack?

Now here are some painted window frame ideas...